Assay Research is an independent research firm providing quality-of-earnings analysis to professional money managers. Our research focuses on a company’s financial statements and accounting policies in order to provide insight beyond the reports of Wall Street investment banks. Assay Research seeks to identify companies whose use of aggressive accounting practices and other questionable maneuvers may conceal fundamental deterioration or other weaknesses in their businesses. In an effort to provide enhanced service to our clients, we maintain a limit on the number of subscribers. As a result, our analysts augment their written communication with frequent personal conversations with clients in order to ensure each client's individual needs are met.

Clients of Assay Research can depend on the delivery of unbiased, in-depth insights into the financial statements, accounting practices and policies, and quality-of-earnings of publicly traded companies.

Assay Research was founded by five analysts with extensive experience in producing independent, quality-of-earnings research. The Assay Research team's experience includes demonstrated success in performing in-depth accounting and fundamental research in the healthcare, technology, telecom, consumer, retail, industrial, and financial sectors. They have identified numerous companies who have later experienced accounting restatements, and/or bankruptcies. In addition to their work producing independent research, the team's backgrounds include professional work as accountants, auditors with “Big Four” accounting firms, consultants, and adjunct professors teaching graduate-level courses in financial statement analysis.



Assay Research specializes in conducting honest, unbiased and in-depth insight into the financial statements, accounting practices and policies, and quality-of-earnings of publicly-traded companies in the following sectors:

Business Services
Technology Telecommunications

If you are interested in any sectors not listed above, please contact us.

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